Quality Management System (QMS)

What is Quality?
- Quality means consistently meeting customer's needs with respect to-
 1. Requirement.
 2. Cost.
 3. Delivery schedule.
 4. Services offered.
Quality is meeting the customer's requirements first time and every time. Quality product is one which is fit for use to perform its intended function, with reasonable cost and within time.

How does software testing improve quality?
- No, Software testing does not improve the quality directly. It only facilitates the improvement.
 1. It helps measure the quality.
 2. It improves the quality as bugs are found and fixed.
 3. Root cause analysis will drive defect prevention activities, improving the quality.

Every Organizations should understand the values of their customer or client. They all want a trusted and best quality product from the organization.
So for delivering a best quality product every organization should take care of following points-
 1. Delivering the right product.
 2. Satisfy customer needs.
 3. Meeting customer expectations.
 4. Treating every customer with integrity, courtesy and respect.
 5. Deliver product on time.

Impact of lack of quality->
If customers get the worst quality product or without tested product it will direct impact on their business in terms of-
 1. Financial loss.
 2. Delay in product schedules leading to competitor's benefit.
 3. Loss of reputation, impact on brand.

It also impacts the supplier of the application, it leads to-
 1. Customer dissatisfaction.
 2. Increased schedule and cost.
 3. Loss of self confidence of the team.
 4. Increased rework leading to more problems.
 5. Impact on supplier's image.

What is Quality Management System (QMS)?
- Quality Management System is a set of organization procedures, policies, plans, practices, structure and resources used to improve quality.

There are Two key attributes of Quality Management System->
1. Quality Assurance(QA)
2. Quality Control (QC)

Quality Assurance(QA)-> Quality Assurance(QA) is a set of activities design to ensure that the process used to create or maintain work products is adequate to ensure that the system will meet its objective.

Quality Control (QC)->Quality Control (QC) is a set of activities designed to test or evaluate a developed work product.


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