Chapter 2 - Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle (K2)

2. Testing throughout the software life cycle (K2)                                                                            
2.1 Software development models (K2)                                                                                     
2.1.1 V-model (sequential development model) (K2)                                                           
2.1.2 Iterative-incremental development models (K2)                                                          
2.1.3 Testing within a life cycle model (K2)                                                                          
2.2 Test levels (K2)                                                                                                                    
2.2.1 Component testing (K2)                                                                                              
2.2.2 Integration testing (K2)                                                                                                  
2.2.3 System testing (K2)                                                                                                     
2.2.4 Acceptance testing (K2)                                                                                               
2.3 Test types (K2)                                                                                                                      
2.3.1 Testing of function (functional testing) (K2)                                                                
2.3.2 Testing of non-functional software characteristics (non-functional testing) (K2)          
2.3.3 Testing of software structure/architecture (structural testing) (K2)                                  
2.3.4 Testing related to changes (confirmation testing (retesting) and regression testing) (K2)
2.4 Maintenance testing (K2)

2.Testing throughout the software life cycle (K2)

We view testing as an activity we normally do after writing the software. We base this assumption on the view that we cannot test anything intangible. In reality, testing activities include more than just running tests. We need to design and write the tests before we can execute them.

2.1 Software Development Models (K2)

2.2 Test Levels(K2)

2.3 Test Types (K2)

2.4 Maintenance Testing(K2)

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