Verification Testing

Verification is the process confirming that something software meets its specification. The software application needs to confirm to the predefined requirement specification.Verification makes sure that the software application is getting developed in the correct way with the respect to the requirements. Here we check  “Are we doing the job right?”.

Following are the different document deliverable for which verification activity is conducted and defects are reported. Documents or code are then revised to take care of the reported defects.
1. Documents of understanding software requirement specification.
2. High level design document
3. Detailed design document
4. Code

1. Verification helps in identifying not only the presence of defects but also their location.
2. Filter is applied at every stage during the SDLC to ‘purify’ the application as it progresses.
3. Defects cat get detected even before they got coded or tested.
4. It helps to identify and remove issues early.

Methods of Verification->
Walkthrough -> Walkthrough is generally an informal process, initiated by the author of the document. It is done mainly with the objective of providing information and gathering suggestion for improvement. Walkthrough is lead by Author only.

Following are the stages of the process:
1. Author explains the product.
2. Colleague comes out with observations in terms of defects identified or improvements.
3. Author provides clarification if required.
4. Author notes down relevant points and takes corrective action.

Note : Walkthrough is a type of formal review.

Peer Reviews -> This is a more formal method or planned activity for conducting verification. It uses well defined process to find the defects. Following are the stages of the process:

1. Read the contents of the documents or check the code.
2. Identify defects.
3. Document the findings.
4. Close defects by taking necessary actions.
5. Confirm the defect closure through re-review.

Inspection -> Inspection are the most formal type of review and more formalized than a ‘walkthrough’ , typically with 3-7 people including a moderator,reader and a recorder to take notes.
The other participants are called inspectors.

1. It is totally a formal review.
2. 2 to 10 or more people attaining it.
3. Author is not presenter. Some one else subject/topic.
4. Lead by moderator.
5. Reviewers are aware and well prepared for the topics.
6. Recorder is note down everything like defects , changes, improvements etc.

Note :  Verification is also known as Static Testing as software application is not actually used or executed but the documents or code Is checked statically to find the defects.


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