Localization Testing

There are many issues other than incorrect text translation . Some of the important issues are->
1. Handling of culture dependent data like time,dates, measures in terms of display,correct sorting order etc.
2. Compatibility and configuration testing of operation system version,keyboards,printers for support of characters in target language.
3. Text expansion can cause errors and UI layout issues.

What is Localization Testing?
Testing the localized software for a specific locale(locale object identifies a particular language and country), language,dialect, local conventions and culture dependent data is called localization testing.

What is Globalization or Internationalization Testing?
Globalization is the process of application design so that it can be adapted to different language and regions without any change in the program code.

Data formats consideration in internationalized testing->
1. language translation and statement length fitment.
2. Date formats.
3. Text direction - right to left or left to right.
4. Single byte characters 16bit (US) / Double byte character 32bit(Chinese).
5. Language of text in graphics, messages.
6. Currencies.
7. Addresses and phone numbers

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  1. Great post on localization testing. You may also include currency as the locale factor test item.