Usability Testing

What is usability testing?
Usability testing is done to check the ease of use of and application. Usability refers to the quality of user interaction with the application considering how much it is appropriate, functional,effective and easy to use. Usability indicates how fast and easy user can operate it for the first time, how easy it is to remember, how pleasant and intuitive it is in a way that the user make less number of errors.

What makes a good UI?
Following points are the important consideration for good UI->

Global standard compliance

Follows global standards for designing the UI.

The features provides should be useful and not extraneous or of distracting nature.

Consistent short cut keys, menu position,names,
Placements of controls. Should be within your own software as well as across other software.

User Comfort
User should feel comfortable with colours used, navigation and performance.

Ease of use and effectiveness
UI should be clean and easy to use. No complicated navigation.

Checklist for Usability Testing->
1. Is the user guided with in the application?
2. Are proper message and adequate help provide to the user on incorrect steps?
3. Do new users understand the application usage quickly?
4. Is quick access provided to frequently used features?

Example for Usability Testing->
1. For a website, is navigation within the web pages provided are there home page, about us page, contact us page, private policy page, terms and condition page, contact us page and log out links are there or not.
2. Check for use of correct icons.
3. Check the arrangement of pages in navigation bar.
4. Check all functionality should easily access by the users.
5. Standard font size should follow on headings, texts and paragraph.
6. Check font style of whole application.
7. Check the steps of pages is correct or not.(for example-> checkout process steps).
8. Use of correct colours.

What is accessibility Testing?
Accessibility testing ensures that even physically challenged people can access the application smoothly and independently. Accessibility testing measures this ability of customization. It is achieved through choice of colours, audio help, system alert etc. Accessibility testing is used to uncover issues with software which may pose difficulty for users with disabilities while using the software.

Why is accessibility testing important?
1. Accessibility features are a legal obligation for software products.
2. Accessibility features improve customer satisfaction.
3. Product use base increase since people with disabilities can also use product.
4. Increase in the customer base would result in more revenue.


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